sumedha-chawlaSumedha Chawla


Fashion Designing: 2013-2016

One ultimate place to get all your creative thoughts that are juggling in your mind to showcase in the right way practically…thank you Modart and dearest mentors for being such a support.


isha-sharmaIsha Sharma


Thanks to Mod’art International Delhi that gave me a bridge between fashion and business of fashion and gave me an upper hand over others. I was able to understand the world of fashion better and go and apply my acquired knowledge and skills in Paris. I hope to be able to achieve success in the future with what I’ve learnt at both Mod’Art New Delhi and Paris.


pooja-aggarwalPooja Aggarwal

Fashion Management: 2014-2015

That’s where I learnt the meaning of life! Everything for a year revolved around Modart! The experience that I gained from this college was so immense and great that every moment and each and every word taught by all the faculties to me still echoes in my daily routine. This college is far different from any other fashion college, for it imparts in every student some amazing education with personal attention. The environment of this college is so amazing that your teachers are not just faculties but mentors for life and always be remembered forever. Having said this , it is because of Modart International, that I am associated with , GAP , the 7th multinational company. Modart has helped me take a step ahead in Life!


 Divya Rathi

 Fashion Management: 2013-2014

From nothing to everything! The experience and abundant knowledge which this institution has provided just can’t be expressed in words! The small number of students was the best part because of one to one interactions. From Class activities, outings!, discussions, fashion weeks, there is so much to talk about. I really miss those merry days which updates me with everything possible!

Aachit Garg

Fashion Management: 2016-2017

MOD’ART INTERNATIONAL, DELHI one of the best institute for Fashion aspirants in our country. I m really glad to be a part of this International Institute as I am learning here all industries oriented requirements for the fashion, apparel and luxury sector.


shivangi-guptaShivangi Gupta

 Fashion Management: 2013-2014

Coming from a Social Science background, starting of my studies and Fashion Business Management was throwing myself into the end, unequipped. However, the stellar faculty at Modart guided me from day one and helped me to get me into the element of things in no time. The attention given by our professors to each student ensured that each subject was interesting as the other. The crisp and concise teaching manner and ample opportunities like Amazon fashion week, gave a stimulating environment to hone my skills. I left Modart at the end of my course with more than enough to knowledge and skill set to be able to make my mark in the fashioned world.


dhruv-bandwalDhruv Bandwal

Fashion Designing 2013-2016

I am very much blessed that I got such an amazing and helpful faculty of Modart international. They always try to give us every kind of exposure and always help us at the cold times in the journey of fashion designing.


eshpreet-bhollaEshpreet Bholla


Wasn’t about the certificate to me ever would have been in NIFT Kangra then! Modart international grew my skills and knowledge alongside exposure and intellectually in my life with every opportunity given. A milestone which proudly leads me to wide roads,extending to endless horizons of life-journey.



 Fashion Designing:2013-2016

Like they say, the only source of knowledge is experience, Mod’Art as an institute has been a tremendous learning experience during which I learnt to incorporate the best of skills required for a designer to venture further into a creative journey that will help me in making a niche for myself in the fashion industry. While I gathered the skills quintessential for a designer, Mod’Art has also kept me grounded with my roots and taught me to explore the varying creative ideas in my mind, sometimes absurd, but the push to excel was always given a green light by my lovely faculty, and I express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire fraternity of Mod’Art for this life changing experience. Thank You.


shrishti-mongaShrishti Monga

 Fashion Designing: 2012-2015
Placement: Laconet and Hemant

Mod’Art has been a great support and encouragement to the all the fashion interested yet reluctant candidates. I feel this more because I myself was never interested in fashion but after coming to Mod’Art my interest generated in fashion and then enhanced me technically and aesthetically! I am so grateful to Mod’Art for such good lessons,teachers and memories. Thanks you Mod’Art ! We still miss u badly!


priyanka-mishraPriyanka Mishra

Fashion Designing: 2013-2016
Placement: TFM International: Stylist

Choosing VIDM was one of my best decisions of life. Close bonds, memories & context for all I was learning in my class, what more could I have asked for? The level of supervision & support I’ve received from VIDM, is second to none. By the end of 2 yrs, I consider my teachers my friends. Be it education, guidance, career or personal advice, they were always there. And that really means/ matters a lot for a student like me who is away from home. No matter how rough or smooth it was, they were always there. I’m taking loads of memories back home from here & would love to thank team VIDM from the bottom of my heart for everything.


rishu-gargRISHU GARG

Fashion Management: 2013-2014

It is a pleasure to convey my experience about Mod’art.Foremost I want to thank all faculty members for their support.Here,I would like to give special thanks to Ruchi Ma’am for her supervision, advice and guidance throughout the course. In One year I learnt almost everything about Fashion management and got a chance to attend different internships.



Fashion Designing 2013-2016: Fashion Management 2016 PERSUING

The knowledge and education one hopes to get once in college is what Mod’art has given me. The faculty guides and supports your ideas rather than forcing their own idea upon you. Mod’art just isn’t supportive of your education within the program but also outside it.