Doll Project

Doll ProjectStudents Creation | Modart International DelhiFashion Management Students | Work

The Doll Project makes the historical and the cultural context come alive through the creative medium through which it is implemented, to be able to better understand the creativity of human beings throughout the Twentieth Century and its landmarks. The Project offers the Fashion Management students an exciting and stimulating opportunity to explore milestones and some of the iconic elements from different aspects of their interpersonal interpretation of their journey across the Twentieth Century. They design and construct finished clothing that would fit a 12″ fashion doll.

White Project

White ProjectStudents Creation | White ProjectWinter White Theme – Modart Delhi

The “White Project” focuses on challenging the boundaries of an artist’s vision of design…’without colour’. Since most students nowadays are pretty fashion-savvy, they probably know that the colour White has replaced black, to become the “in” color this spring and summer. THE WINTER WHITE theme has been bubbling up in the fashion world for some time now. The clean and modern collection designed by students of VIDM, has been filled with unexpected silhouettes and architectural shapes which epitomise the White Theme running common in all ensembles. The students have interpreted their individual perceptions of White using unusual fabrics, textures and silhouettes. The entire collection is a celebration of White, a colour that will always be a classic.

Haute Couture

Houte Couture | Modart International DelhiHoute CoutureHoute Couture Theme – Students Creation

The Power of Couture: As part of understanding Haute Couture, Semester 1 students of VIDM & Modart dress up to showcase the essence of theater in Costume.The best way to understand something is to immerse yourself in it. Here’s how our students exploring Haute Couture, Theatre and Costume.