History of Mod’Art Paris

Paris, titled as the fashion capital of the world, is the birthplace of iconic brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Hermes and Yves Saint Luaren .
Since there was a need for an institution where design and management would be taught keeping in mind keeping in mind the industry know-how, the concept of Mod’Art Paris was born.
Today with its constant effort to provide world class education of international standards, Mod’Art has opened and successfully running its 10 centres in more than 8 countries.

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Mod’Art Paris Director’s Address

A creative and business world.

The Fashion Business world has changed over the last 20 years.

Other Cities have unsuccessfully tried to rob Paris of its supremacy as THE Capital of Fashion but many foreign designers still come to work in Paris.

From the beginning the Fashion business was made up of many small and specialized companies but today the big International Fashion groups with strong financial backing have taken over. Today the Fashion business is a fully fledged Industry with its own rules, standards and language.

It was therefore essential to create professional programs adapted to the International outlook both in Fashion Design and Management for future generations. A professional approach needed to train students for passionate careers.

Mod’Art International in Paris, just like in Shanghai and Lima, prepare their students with Faculty from the profession.

In 2012 the Luxury market should reach 215 milliards Euros and should grow regularly to 250 milliards by 2015.
These figures were given as 750 milliards Euro by Bain & Company who included all the Luxury Industries including Luxury Hotels, Cars, Wines etc.

Consequently the Luxury Market is growing despite the economic crisis in many regions of the world and the demand for jobs in this sector will be maintained.

Mod’Art International with its strong network in the Luxury Industry and its understanding of the ever-changing needs of the Trade adapts its programs to prepare students for careers in all the Luxury Companies of the future all over the world.

Patrice de Place
* President of the Artistic and Educational committee
* Former Asia-Pacific Director of Christian Dior Couture
* Former CEO of Celine (Group LVMH)