Fashion Designing Courses The Fashion Design course combines professionalism and creativity: fashion is a profession in the department of artistic craft, industry and trade. It enables Multidisciplinary education through workshops and lectures, case studies and meetings. Each area is developed during three years of training at the Institute.

The Institute introduces students to dressmaking for the purpose of technical manufacturing of garments. Their knowledge of fabrics must be excellent just as much as their technical drawings. Students learn Illustration, design, garment construction, history, pattern making, textiles, CAD and many more, as they demonstrate knowledge of all.

They are supported by a team of staff who come from the world of textiles and clothing and-have excellent experience in teaching subjects related to this profession. Permanent supervision and mentoring of students enable them to acquire a discerning eye and sense of colour.

Continuous: by Inter monthly meetings for teachers who for Assessment and individual meetings with students each student. Students get to attend classes that develop their critical thinking and enable them to participate in teamwork: fashion is constantly changing; the designer must know how to challenge it.

Semi-annual: They allow for a more comprehensive and Thorough work of the student and the class level. Control end of the year 1 to 2 weeks: It provides access to the next level.

The Final Year combines the various disciplines in the form of a collection validated by a jury of professionals and presented on the ramp.