The first thing in a home decor that we usually think or that comes to our mind is what colors or what shades  and what will go with what kind of furnishings, etc. It becomes an existing prospect if you think of yourself as the artist and your home as a blank canvas ready to be decorated. What at first might seem a creative challenge may become an opportunity to learn and get to know about your skills of furnishing your home decor. First and most fun most things are to collect samples and color swatches from the suppliers and making people give their opinions on their choice of colors. But I think there are some other basic decorations who should consider before this like the amount of natural light entering the room the atmosphere you wish to create and most important your budget.Decor Impressions

You could start with two main lists, one of the decorations and furnishings you prefer or your ideas and the second being, what you can afford. Next I think you should look at you canvas and rethink all your plans. All surfaces kept in mind and what needs to be furnished with what all depends on you. Think about the colors and how will you give life to your room. Also look at different sites on the internet to get ideas about your room or new place to decorate and go on with the colors that are in. also look at other parts of your house to make sure they go together and go through some home décor books as well, they’ll teach you more than you know about your house.

Also after doing all the research for the new look make mood boards or keep them together in files so that you can refer to them later, including all your swatches and paint samples. Also the fabrics you have selected for your curtains and carpets or mats and anything else fabric related. Live in it for a while to know what lamps and other furnishings you are going to be comfortable with when its painted. Its up to you how you want your style to show in your décor, could be country style room in the middle of the city with urban loft space in a rural barn or the brilliant blues of gazed earthenware to be displayed on a wall might look fantastic against a strong yellow paint.


Bright pastels on cream ground add a fresh, light feel to the bedroom. Pastel sheets and quilts also add a touch of intrigued shapes in the room. Pastels equal pure nostalgia with traditional shades of pink and green and sometimes yellow


The variety of greens have given us names of different shades of greens like sage, moss, grass, fern, apple, mint, etc. it has a pure association with nature. It is secondary colour made by mixing blue and yellow. The mid-green-blue is a contemporary kitchen colour. Deep greens have strong masculine looks and Brunswick green are for studies and halls. Acid green is used for the modern look. Soft gray-green and pale mint green in modern house styles as well these days


Stripes are something which have lately come up in the last few years and have a huge impact on the public. They show balance and symmetry and bring order to the place. Also brings height to the place. Maroon or green and cream stripes look elegant and formal. Thin stripes look like they are merging to one colour and create a very nice effect. Nowadays there are all kinds of striped work, on wallpapers, curtains, floors, furnishings, etc. some wavy stripes also create a cool and warm look for the environment but not so elegant. Also they look very simple when used in curtains and give it a minimal effect. There are many colours from which you can choose what stripes to match up with what but now the trend has increased to mixing of colours. A lining of narrow stripes is perfect for checked curtains and also soft colored stripes.


This look is very famous in mostly all households today as it is elegant and very minimal. It is all about subtraction on contrary of the traditional look that is all about adding patter, texture and mainly dept. colours used are also very flat and soothing mainly, white or neutral colours. Its is very controlling way of architecture and focused on concepts of design like balance and harmony. Also made for the modernist living areas. The elegant display of food and other cutlery is also placed in a very simple and minimal way.


Now the style’s that are in are very minimal and pastel colours so always decide your colour palette accordingly. Also try colour splashes of solid colour and well crafted pieces of furniture to go with your colour palette. Start with good quality paints that last longer. Fabrics include linen, cotton, jute, muslin, and wool in plain colours or stripes. Furniture could be carved wood or different kinds of sofa’s and obviously go along with bright cushions.  Try some of these- honey-colored varnished floorboards, lightened cream colours and also moss and coir colours. Carpets in the shade of browns with cream walls. Mostly start with white and them pale gray’s or lime greens , yellow, with dashes of red or indigo as well. White and cream flowers are the best accessories to add up to your classy place.


For people who do not have the time or money to decorate their house in a very minimal way that they wish to, they better just add up some accessories to their living place that look elegant. Try making the space according to the luxury you want to live in take out some of your junk and try placing it in the right place, I assure you you’ll be amazed. Take full interest in what you do and try using natural and pure colours. A glass vase of flowers or a collection of any of your old belongings will make a difference.


The plain painted and minimal walls now go hand in hand with the folk arts and crafts of different cultures and traditions. They display a charm of the beautifully made furnishings and domestic artifacts done with the inspiration of different cultures. You can always pair it up with different embroidery as all traditions have their embroideries and craftwork. Decorative stamping is one of the ways for attractive folk art. Fruit and flower motifs on borders and woodwork allow to glow with full glory.


Rural nostalgia is basically the lifestyle that we so long for nowadays and mainly stability, enduring priororities, and the authority of tradition. It reminds people of the old times like the logs waiting next to the fireplace and patch work on curtains and quilts, basically includes rough-hewn stone and plaster, seasoned timber beams, soft pastel lime washes, folk art decorations. The simplicity of this kind of furnishing and lifestyle is returning as the people are starting to accept different traditions and trends. People use garden herbs to hang for display and also decorate their tables and tablecloths with natural farmhouse baking material.

By – Akanksha Bhatia

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